Wood Ducks

The Wood Duck is one of North America’s most beautiful waterfowl. Males have a beautiful multicolor plumage, with green on the crown of their heads, dazzling blue wings and black and white stripes on either side of their maroon chests.

It’s an odd duck. While most waterfowl species nest on the ground, wood ducks nest in cavities inside old trees, which females line with feathers and other soft bedding material. Unfortunately, many older trees in wetland areas that are the natural habitat of wood ducks have been destroyed, putting this beautiful bird in jeopardy.

Conservationists have learned that wood ducks will nest in specially designed “boxes” if they are placed in appropriate locations near food, trees, and water.

IWLA Rockville Chapter have constructed, installed, and currently maintains nearly 100 wood duck boxes. Chapter Members have helped maintain wood duck boxes since the 1950's at several public and private areas including the McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area near the Potomac River, along the C & O Canal near Pennyfield Lock, and at the Tridelphia Reservoir.