Range Safety Training

All user are expected to follow our Range Rules.

As an ongoing commitment to firearms safety, all members who wish to use any of our ranges must attend range safety and operations training. Time and dates of all training are published in our Member Newsletter

Range Safety Training

Members who wish to use the ranges under the direct supervision of a certified range officer must attend a two hour training session. In this class, they learn the fundamentals of safe activities, firearms handling, range operation and more. Individuals with this level of certification may use the ranges on Saturday or Sunday afternoons when volunteer range officers are on duty. This training is conducted monthly for new and existing members.

Range Officer Training

Members who wish to be a Range Officer must be observed under the direct supervision of a range officer on three occasions. Based on the range officers evaluation, the member may register for a range officer certification class. Prior to the class, the member must successfully complete a written exam based on the chapter's Range Rules. Once those requirements are satisfied, the individual must complete a full day’s training on the safe operation of all of the chapter’s ranges. Range Officer courses are held at regular intervals throughout the year.